WritersPub.com 2.0: Where everybody knows your name and your story

Minneapolis, MN – In 2009, Mariner Software launched WritersPub.com, an online community forum for writers of all types and all levels. From the beginning, the idea was to provide writers – novelists, screenwriters, short story, technical or casual writers – with a venue to publicly share their work. WritersPub.com has also been a place where writers can critique and comment on each others' writing. WritersPub has thousands of users who look for one thing: to improve their writing. Now, WritersPub 2.0 will give them the vehicle to receive constructive suggestions from fellow writers and, at the same time, will offer a one-stop-shop to buy the best writing tools in the industry.

With the introduction of WritersPub.com 2.0, Mariner has stayed true to the original concept but made significant changes to the overall look and function of the site. There are still no fees of any kind associated with WritersPub.com; it will continue to be a site where users can participate free of charge. Unlike many of the other online community writing sites, the new WritersPub.com is a simple, free of clutter, and easy-to-navigate website, where a user can login and, at a glance, view Activity, Recent Stories, Top Authors, a Featured Story and Top Rated Stories.

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“Developing great creative writing products is our passion,” said Michael Wray, President of Mariner. “Because of that, we wanted to create a space, free of charge, for writers to come together, share their work and have the opportunity to get feedback from other writers. With WritersPub.com 2.0, our goal is to simplify this process in order to make it easy for writers to add stories and make comments. The addition of a store is to provide them with a variety of products that can help improve their writing.”

It's easy to create a story or any other type of writing within WritersPub.com. Writers can type their writings directly in WritersPub.com or copy and paste it from another application. The text can be previewed or saved as a draft for later publishing. Then, writers have a choice to either publish their work for the world to read, show it to a select few or keep it completely private. In addition, media files can now be added to enhance any type of writing. WritersPub.com 2.0 brings with it a store stocked with books, DVD's, software, and writing courses. These products have been specifically selected from multiple sources to assist everyone who wishes to improve or sharpen their writing skills.

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