WritersPub 2.0


-by MarinerMike

In the next few weeks we will be launching the all new and improved version of writerspub.com, our community web site for writers of all types. Internally known as our “sideline project” for the last few years, WritersPub has been totally revamped with a simpler layout, a new store with dozens of writing tools and a significantly easier way to view and critique stories from other WritersPub members.

So why did we create writerspub.com?

Let’s face it, there are a ton of web sites for writers and writiing. WritersPub is unique. Its open forum format is exclusively designed for sharing and critiquing the written word. Have a story that you want to share with the world? Just set up your account and post your masterpiece.It’s totally free and totally fun. Fellow WritersPub members will typically comment on what was good, what was bad (constructively) and best of all, what could be improved. It’s all about improving your writing and helping others improve their writing on WritersPub.

If you are interested in seeing a sneak peek of WritersPub, head over to the beta siteā€¦



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