What will motivate you in 2014?


-by Mariner Teresa

I recently read a blog post from a well-known and influential marketer. It was a post that emphasized being productive and being challenged. His call to action was to pick colleagues, bosses, or family members who would challenge us. To find books that do the same. He then proceeded to name the books he passed out to his sphere of individuals. The books were all work and software related. I believe in being productive and welcome a challenge. But work is what we do, it’s not what we are.

We are human beings.

If you’re like me, you had challenges in 2013, both work and personal. Sometimes they blended together, making it hard to see where one challenge stopped and the other one stepped into its place. What helped me sort through it was my fellow human beings, my family. As corny as it sounds, Mariner was part of that family for me. That idea of family is the motive behind how we relate to each other here at Mariner Software. To sound even more corny – it’s the motive behind how we relate to you, our customers, our fans, our friends.

My challenge: sometime in 2014, find another member of humankind and get close. Drop your guard and draw them in. Buy a coat for a homeless person. Feed a needy family with the kind of food you like to eat. Give a 30% tip whether the person deserved it or not. And when you’ve done that — don’t tell anyone. Just do it and walk away with the knowledge that you impacted their world beyond anything you could imagine. I guarantee you that it will impact your world too.

Here’s to a new year — 2014 — and whatever it may bring.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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  1. Cool blog Mariner Teresa! I so appreciate your company’s awesome MacJournal. For one purpose, it is a great daily Prayer Journal.
    Stay warm in cold Minnesota! Many Thanks!!!!

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