We’ve had some interesting times together – I’ll be sorry to go

Contourhead caught at VerizonThis may come as a surprise, but James Bond and I are related. Okay, I see that you’re shaking your head. You’ve been to all the James Bond movies and you’ve never seen Contourhead in any of them. That’s because I’m in disguise! So, today I thought I’d drag out my spywear (get it? spy-wear, like, spyware?) and slink on over to a Verizon store to see if the rumors about Apple kicking AT&T to the curb are true.

Someone else must be out spying too because this morning, this photo of me was taken in a Verizon store. I’m investigating a device that looks exactly like the iPhone which was only available on the AT&T network. In true Apple fashion, allowing speculation to abound, the word is that as of this afternoon, the iPhone will soon be available on both Verizon and AT&T here in the United States. So, I guess Apple hasn’t really kicked AT&T to the curb – just smacked them around a bit.

So, where does this new development leave Contourhead? Same as before only better! Mariner Calc, Contour and MacJournal – Contourhead is happy to have these great apps on the mobile platform so that you can journal, schedule and write from anywhere!

3 thoughts on “We’ve had some interesting times together – I’ll be sorry to go

  1. Hey mate!
    Bugger Apple Mac ….

    How about developing/adapting some of your excellent software for the MS Windows environment?

    In particular – Mariner Write.


  2. Hi Chook-
    We do have a few Windows apps but clearly our experience and development expertise lies on the Apple side. We do have Paperless for Windows entering the beta stage in the next few weeks.

    Interestingly, Mariner Write for Windows was _started_ several years ago but the project never got off the ground. I believe there are even a few alpha copies floating around the offices of Mariner Software. Who knows? Maybe we’ll dust off the code and try it again!


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