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Contour HeadWelcome to the new Mariner Software Blog, Mariner Unwrapped. Here you will find updates on our company, tips and tricks regarding our products, and other cool software related things.

I’m Contourhead, your host..er..author. You’ll be hearing from me every week on everything related to Mariner. Keep coming back because you may find some recipes, useful tips, or other goodies.

See ya around!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mariner Unwrapped

  1. I have recently purchased an iPad and hope that you are all working to put an iPad app of Mariner Write together. I have been using Write for years on my Mac and hopefully will be able to sync my documents on my computer with my iPad when you get your iPad app put together and offer it to us.
    You folks do great work. I have already downloaded your iPad app for MacJournal and synced my computer based documents with my iPad. My only complaint with that is that it is not able (yet) to transfer the jpeg photos within my computer version. Hopefully a future update will include that feature.
    Holiday greetings and Happy New Year to everyone at Mariner.

  2. I recently purchased an iPad and really love it. I have the computer-based version of MacJournal and would like to be able to get the MacJournal for iPad application, but am a little put off by reviews in the App Store – reviewers spoke of losing hours of journaling work. Has that been a real issue, and have you fixed it yet?

  3. Many thanks for the support, Charles! We are always improving all of our product line. Look for MJ updates soon!

    Hi Peter-
    Admittedly there were some issues early on however data loss is extremely, extremely rare. Unfortunately one of the downfalls with regard to the App Store is developers can’t respond to customers with issues to troubleshoot why said issues occurred and, sometimes, sadly, to weed out the competition that might be posting negative comments. I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here but it’s an issue that sometimes does rear it’s ugly head (no pun intended!)


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