We now have 32 personalities. How about you?


-by MarinerTeresa

We’ve just released Persona, our latest app for writers of any style and genre. Persona is designed to help the writer develop the characters of a story. Notice I used the word, develop. That’s right, now you can determine the personality of your character. Once you know your character’s personality, then their actions, dialogue and interactions with other characters will be predictable.

If you like Contour, you’re going to love Persona. If you use StoryMill and Montage, Persona will be a tremendous asset.

For now, you can only get Persona from our eStore. If you want to learn more, just visit the Persona product page.

We’re just sad that Carl Jung isn’t around to see this.

Wait, maybe he is.

4 thoughts on “We now have 32 personalities. How about you?

  1. I am quite excited to read about Persona! I’ve been trying to develop a book and I feel fairly confident that the storyline is strong. But just a few days ago I realized that my characters are weak and one-dimensional. When I thought about all my favorite books, the plot was obviously important, but it was the characters that stood out and left the longest impression.

    Stumbling across this new software had to be fate. I think it will be an effective tool at helping me take things to the next level. I’ve downloaded the trial and look forward to trying it out!

    Thanks for coming up with such a great idea for writers.

  2. I find it rather annoying you decided to release this seemingly fine software for Mac OS only. Certainly won’t switch my hardware for some companies software. Purchasing Dramatica now …

    1. Being a predominately Mac developer and having such deep roots in the Mac community for the last 20 years, our development model has always been that we release on the Mac first, gauge the interest, then, if there is a demand, we develop for the Win platform. We are in the early stages of development for Persona for Win so we hope you can hang on till then. If not, we understand, and all the best with Dramatica.

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