Two easy steps to start your day unflustered.

by MarinerTeresa

1. Make sure it’s all turned off.

Come on, you can do it. Sign out of Twitter and Facebook. Disconnect yourself from all the devices that keep you plugged into the entire universe. Find your favorite place to sit and just think. For me, that place is a small study that has two windows. My desk is situated to allow me to look out one of the windows and see my backyard which has turned from the neutral colors of winter into various hues and intensities of green.

I’ve walked the dog and fed the dog and now sit here gathering my thoughts in blessed silence. I am preparing myself for the onslaught of my day.

Silence. When you first try it, a zillion thoughts will come into your head. You’ve got to go to this meeting; you’ve got this conference call today; you’ve got blogs to write and tweets to post. Here’s a tip that will help you remove those thoughts and keep you on the path of silence: take a notepad (yes, that would be a tablet of paper and a writing implement, such as a pen or pencil) – you can use an app but it won’t be as effective as that paper and pen – and as soon as one of those “to-do’s” enters your brain, write it down. Poof! It’s gone. One less activity to think about. Now you can put together thoughts and feelings about family, friends, the season, the sounds of nature, the memory of something your child did yesterday, a milestone – any and all the stuff that is life.

2. Make a journal entry

A journal doesn’t require an outline or other structure for future publication. It’s just the place where you can put your own personal musings, knowing that it isn’t meant to be read by anyone except you. It’s the place where you can unload without restraint. It is a mental and emotional organizational tool and an excellent way to pull yourself together to face a new day.

I’m a Mac user so my journal of choice is MacJournal. It is the perfect container – for words, for pictures – even sounds. One spring, there was a bird that perched itself in my neighbors tree and sang a peculiar song every morning. One day, I took my Macbook and sat on my deck, launched MacJournal and queued up an entry with the audio feature, to be ready when the bird to began to sing. That was a morning on April 10, 2008 at 7:01 AM. That bird is long gone but I have its happy little song that I can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Of course this is a solicitation for MacJournal, but the truth is, if not for the time set aside for silence I would have never heard that birdsong and without my journal, MacJournal, the whole experience would have been lost. So, if you’re a Mac user, you can get MacJournal for $19.97 during our birthday celebration – that’s 50% off the regular price. PC user? For you, we’ve got WinJournal also for $19.97. You’ll need this coupon code: MARINER22 when you check out of our eStore.

Shhh. Do you hear that? It’s silence.

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    1. Thanks Kevin. I’m not so sure about the buttermilk (hot chocolate is my late night beverage of choice) but the comic books would definitely work!

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