The Jules Verne approach to writing a story

The NautilusThe Nautilus. The undersea adventures of Captain Nemo and his captive crew. A work of fiction interwoven with fact so as to make you feel like you were right there, witnessing the whole thing.

Jules Verne researched his subject matter then wrote about his topic and then, with the help of others, revised his work. The result, well, it’s now a part of history.

I think Jules Verne would have been a Mac-head. I can just picture him with his Macbook Pro writing like a madman. I also think he would have liked StoryMill. StoryMill is the writer’s writing medium. It’s a database for research being a single container for images, web links and all the other stuff the writer collects while observing the universe and exploring the imagination. Just like a structure needs a firm foundation in order to stand, StoryMill is an organized place using the simple building blocks of scenes and then chapters that will make up the final product – a great story.

If you like Jules Verne, you’ll want to stay in touch as we prepare for our own adventure.

I’ll give you a hint: steampunk.

– Contourhead

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