Style is back with Yosemite

– by MarinerTeresa

Whoever suggested using Helvetica in Yosemite deserves a raise. The one who suggested adding more color should get a raise too. After the dull, gray, blue-gray, lifelessness of Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, I am now happily living in Yosemite. The icons, even though they sport a mostly flat design, are given a bit more depth with an ever so slight gradation. Even the login screen is far more welcoming than that nasty gray-brown androgynous background of the previous OS. The translucent blues, greens, reds, and yellows are a nice little pick-me-up.

Overall, it’s just pretty. And I like that.

That’s what I always liked about Apple’s stuff – it was useful and pretty. Until Lion. Lion brought some oddities – style and design-wise. I personally thought it was lackluster; sterile. Sure, the functionality of the Mac was not diminished, but for me, I really missed those nice little design elements and colors that made the Mac what it is. Yosemite has restored a lot of slick touches. The most striking for me is the choice of Helvetica. You’ve got those nice rounded shapes; simple yet elegant and the heavier weight provides a nice contrast to the lightweight feel of the new Mac icons. Most important – it’s readable. I also love the way the windows take on colors due to the transparent nature of the UI. It brings with it an unexpected change while you’re scrolling through windows, but in a pleasant way.

The earth isn’t flat and neither is life.

As an artist and one-time teacher of art history, I understand the need for designers to test limits; to experiment (anyone remember what Leonardo DaVinci did when he painted the Last Supper – how he experimented?) with shapes, colors, substrates, lighting – everything, really. Often it works brilliantly and a new method of expression is born. Sometimes though, it doesn’t work, and with Lion to Mountain Lion, all I can say is – meh. Yosemite contains the stuff that made Apple design stand out from the beginning, but now just edgy enough to cause excitement. I feel like the Apple look is back, and for me, working on the Mac is fun again.

And I’m not the only one who likes the new OS – Finder seems to be a little happier too.


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