StoryMill is MacUser’s Editor’s Choice

In case you missed the April 15 issue of MacUser UK, Nik Rawlinson wrote a very nice review of our own StoryMill 4. In fact, StoryMilll 4 is MacUser Editor’s Choice and received a “Five Mouse” review.

Learn more about StoryMill.

Congratulations to the StoryMill 4 team!


3 thoughts on “StoryMill is MacUser’s Editor’s Choice

  1. Will edit you, once StoryMill in Frenchman?

    Think of your clients of Frenchmen only with version 3.2.3 in Frenchman?

    Leave you editions in French language?

    Thanks for think in old Europe and in Lafayette.

    Sincere best regards

    Your faithful client


    Haute-Savoie FRANCE

    Editerez vous, un jour, StoryMill en Français ?

    Pensez à vos clients Français qui n’ont que la version 3.2.3 en Français ?

    Abandonnez vous les éditions en langue Française ?

    Merci de pensez à la vieille Europe et à Lafayette.

    Amitiés sincères

    Votre fidèle client


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