StoryMill 4 Released!

StoryMill 4Two major updates in 3 weeks! Are you kidding me??

Yes, apparently we here at Mariner Software are gluttons for chaos! Three weeks ago we launched Paperless 2, today we launched StoryMill 4, our novel writing app for Mac OS X.

Totally revamped and simplified, we’ve added some awfully cool functionality with this one. Make sure to check out the new and improved Timeline feature. Very slick!

Check it out!


2 thoughts on “StoryMill 4 Released!

  1. As a user of StoryMill 3, I am very interested in upgrading to StoryMill 4; however, I’ve noticed that it’s been created for Intel Mac users running Snow Leopard in mind? Do you plan on releasing a version of StoryMilll 4 that will run on a PPC Mac running OS-X.5 Leopard?


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