Share your Grilling Recipes!

Contourhead the GrillerSpring is here! It’s supposed to get close to 70 degrees here in MN this weekend and to celebrate, we are having a little social media promo. 

Send Contourhead your favorite grill recipe and the winning recipe will be posted on this blog and the winning recipe will be sent a serial number for one of our products!

To submit your recipe, send an e-mail to with the subject line: Grill Recipe. Get these in by Midnight on Wednesday, April 13 (Central US Time).

And for all you carnivores out there, here’s a couple of my homemade rib rubs:

Wasabi ribs:
ginger powder + wasabi powder + garlic powder + a bit of soy sauce + sugar (calorie counters may substitute splenda instead of sugar)

Spanish ribs:
garlic + paprika + chili powder + salt

If you need to know how to apply a rub, check this article out from

Try ’em both out and come back and let me know which one you like the best. But don’t forget to share your favorite recipe.

Happy grilling!


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