Paperless 3 for Windows is Released!

This week we released Paperless 3 for Windows. This long-awaited release comes several months after Paperless 3 for Mac and is just as full-featured as its Mac counter-part.

Here is what’s new in Paperless 3.0 for Windows:

•Improved Reports
Show your data with improved reporting features

•Improved OCR and Autofill functionality 
Major improvements on how Paperless interprets receipts and documents

•Dropbox Support
Sync your Paperless library to the cloud using Dropbox

•Revamped User Interface
Search and display your data in numerous different looks

•Added New Database Fields
Search and display your data in more ways than ever

•New and Improved File Saving
Paperless now saves the original file with the original file name

•Direct integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners
Paperless integrates with the ScanSnap product line for a more intuitive user experience

•Twain 2.0 interface
Added and set default Twain scanning to Twain 2.0 interface

•Duplex scanning
Paperless now includes duplex scanning support

•And tons of additional features and bug fixes
If you are using Paperless 2 for Windows we would definitely recommend looking into upgrading to Paperless 3 for Windows. Older versions of Paperless are not compatible with the latest OS (Win10) and have known stability issues. The good news is that you absolutely qualify for the Paperless 3 upgrade price of $29.95 and you will be able to import your data into the new version automatically.

If you would like to download a trial copy of the most current version, you can do so here…

If you would like to purchase the upgrade to Paperless 3 for Windows go to our eStore and, using your existing Paperless 2 serial number, validate your upgrade price of $29.95. Once you complete your order you will be immediately emailed an e-receipt with a new Paperless 3 serial number (and link to download the latest version if you already haven’t done so).

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