Paperless 3.0.3 for Windows released

Lots of bugs and tweaks for this release. Find it on our downloads page…

Fixed issue with importing multiple documents when “add original file name” is not enabled

Switched to packaged zip installer

Fixed Watch folder browser dialog

Added option to themes to use the Native Windows UI

Fixed issue with PDF detection when using custom reader

Added .EML receipt import for HTML emails saved into the Watch folder

Added new Backup/Restore utility

Updated Image viewer

Updated Installer

Added CSV export to reports utility

Added Folder Scanning as a scanner option

Add prefil during import for file names in the format I__Date_Title_Category_PayType_Amount.pdf

Added dialog to select primary information document when combining

Updated settings dialog

Edit document now keeps selected item after document is updated

Added feature to keep selected documents when combining

Fixed count update during backup

Fixed uid file name too long issue for dropped import files

Fixed new library creating issue

Fixed as Flow View menu item

Added detailed logging to Backup process

Added working folder file list to diag

Fixed dropfile on Paperless

Fixed Add new library items not in Smart Collection list until restart app

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