Navigationally Challenged?

Lake of the WoodsI don’t consider myself to be navigationally challenged; I can usually figure out how to easily get from one point to another. When a couple of pals invited me to go on a surprise “adventure” weekend, one where we would have to drive all night to get to, (I should have been suspicious right then), I thought, “Great! We are heading south for some much needed relief from this Minnesota winter!”

Well, it soon became apparent that south was not exactly where we were headed. A short while on the road and I noticed the thermometer on the dashboard was showing negative 20 degrees! Another 20 miles later and it read negative 35 degrees! “Whaaa!!?? Where exactly are we going?” It was then that my “friends” let me in on the real surprise. We were headed up to Lake of the Woods to go ice fishing.

I’m not sure why it took so long but it finally hit me. I was about to spend the next 48 hours in the bitter cold, I thought, “How bad can this really be?”

I was proven right. Yes it was bitter cold but Lake of the Woods is one of the most scenic lakes in the United States and provides some of the best fishing in the world.

When we arrived, our guide proceeded to drive us out onto the ice. Yes, we are Minnesotans, we’re crazy and we drive on frozen bodies of water during the winter. And just to be clear here, our accommodations for the weekend? That was on the ice too. I had no other choice but to drop a fishing line down the hole and start catching Walleye for dinner.

Will I go back to this 950,400 acre wonder in northern Minnesota and do some more fishing? Definitely. But next time it will be in July!

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