Narrator Boxed Edition

Narrator BoxshotYou may have noticed some new images on our website and eStore regarding Narrator. We recently updated the text-to-speech application’s box! You can now order either a download edition or boxed edition from our eStore.

In case you are wondering what exactly Narrator does, you can view all that info right here. Essentially, if you want your stories, screenplays, or any custom text read out loud or exported to an audiobook, you can do it with Narrator.

Now back to boxes. While we continue to update our products you’ll be seeing new and updated boxes, especially with our new logo!

Box away!

2 thoughts on “Narrator Boxed Edition

    1. Thanks, Craig!

      I use Narrator quite often. I mostly make audio-book versions of my screenplays and listen to them to find areas that need improvement. Sometimes you can find things better by hearing them.


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