My Favorite iOS 6 Features

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-by Dusty Fields, Mariner Graphic Designer

My iPhone never leaves my side, and I’m absolutely in love with iOS 6. So instead of marrying it, I decided to share some of my favorite iOS 6 features which you may or may not know about.


1. Calendar Sharing
You now have the ability to share any of your calendars with other iCal users. You can also make your calendars public if you want to share with the world your daily yoga schedule.


2. Multiple Account E-mail Signatures
Before iOS 6, you only had one signature for all of your email accounts. Now it’s easy to create email signatures for each of your accounts.


3. Insert Photo or Video directly in a mail message
It used to be tedious to insert an image into the body of an email in iOS. Now just tap the screen and select Insert Photo or Video.


4. Easy Sharing
It is now easier than ever to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other options. But the coolest option is the ability to share your Photo Streams with friends and family.


5. View the whole globe in Maps
Not really useful, but still cool. When you are in the Maps satellite view, keep pinching until you’ve zoomed all the way out. Now you have the whole world in your hands.


6. Dozens of new Emojis
My friends are always getting annoyed because I fill my emails and texts with emoji icons. iOS 6 contains dozens of new emojis to keep me occupied.


Those are six of my favorite iOS 6 features. What are your favorites?

One thought on “My Favorite iOS 6 Features

  1. For me, it has to be a smarter Siri. Pre iOS 6 she would fumble on the simplest of questions/commands. Now she’s a superstar.


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