Mariner Turns 23


-by Mariner Teresa

It is my understanding that the lifespan of an elephant is about 70 years. So, at age 23, from an elephant’s perspective, we’re just getting started. The thing is, it doesn’t feel that way. It seems like we’ve been around forever. Take, for example, our founder. His inspiration for choosing the name Mariner was related to his boat building adventures as a kid and the fact that his dad worked on the Mariner Space Program which was around during the 1960’s. Yes, your math is right, that was over 50 years ago.

Mariner has lived through the birth of the Mac with its System 1, right to the present 10.8 OS and iOS. We jumped on board the Apple train early and persevered knowing that one day, the conversation would revolve around the Mac.

Over these 23 years we’ve also built up a large following of wonderfully loyal customers and advocates. In the end, it isn’t about the products or the operating systems or which computer is prettier – it’s about the people. People like you, our fans, our customers, our friends.

As our thank you we would like to extend an invitation to you to celebrate with us. We’re having a site-wide sale where all our non-upgrade desktop products are 50% off. If you want a Paperless-ScanSnap Bundle, we’ll send you one and the cost of the shipping is on us. You’ll need a coupon code to use in our eStore and please, pass it along to all your friends: MARINER23

We’ll be giving away an iPad Mini to someone too! If you haven’t signed up, you still have time to add your name. Just go here where you can read all about it.

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