Mariner Software Releases Mariner 5.1

San Francisco, CA – January 10, 2002 -Mariner Software Inc today announced the availability of Mariner® 5.0 for Macintosh OS X and Classic Mac OS. Mariner® 5.0 is a powerful spreadsheet that contains 140 analytical functions, graphics and drawing capabilities. Mariner 5 retains, however, much of the simplicity of earlier spreadsheet programs. The purpose of the program is to get some work done without taking an advanced degree in spreadsheets.

The program has been available for nearly a decade overseas, the new product, which is compatible with Macintosh OS 7.6 through Mac OS X, packages a tabbed layer interface, blazing speed, and incredibly powerful feature set, including the following:
Starts faster, uses less disk space and memory than the nearest competitor. Mariner® can easily run using 1.5 MB of memory!
32,000 rows X 32,000 columns spreadsheets to analyze large data sets.
32,000 spreadsheet layers can be contained in a document.
Graphics and drawing tools enhance the appearance of your documents.
15 chart types to graphically view data.
Dynamic scrolling lets you see your pages move as you drag the scroll control.
WorldScript savvy–supports Kanji and numerous other international scripts.
Multiple undo feature lets you trace your last 9 steps.
Save your documents in SYLK, CSV and various ASCII text formats. Import data in Excel, SYLK or TEXT formats.
Customizable toolbars
In-cell text and formula editing.
140 built in functions, named ranges, split and freeze window panes, print preview, find and replace, sorting, auto sum, protected worksheets, cell borders, 80,000+ word spelling dictionary

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