Mariner Launches Calc XLS


-by Mariner Mike

Today we rolled out the most significant upgrade to Mariner Calc for iOS, now named Calc XLS for iOS, ever. From Dropbox support, to the addition of several different languages, from making the app Universal, to a boatload (note the Mariner reference? 🙂 of new functionality, this, in any other venue, would be classified as a major upgrade. This is big.

So why a spreadsheet? Two reasons. Calc has been in our wheelhouse since day one – 20+ years ago. Much of the technology from the 90’s still exists (in an updated form) in this version!

Think about that.

Features and functionality that were created when George W. Bush was president are still plugging along today – frankly, truth be known, we _started_ developing when Ronald Reagan was in the White House. Not to toot our own horn (ok, maybe we are) but to say we have some experience in spreadsheets is probably an understatement.

Secondly, we are filling a niche that no other spreadsheet on the market really addresses. Microsoft Excel is not on iOS. There has been a lot of rumors that they are developing an Office solution but, if/when that time comes (and if Apple lets them into the App Store), Calc XLS is still one of the closest solution to Excel on any iOS device out there.

Check it out in the App Store

Mariner Mike

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