Mariner Introduces StoryMill 4

The Popular Novel and Story Writing Software is Designed to Help Simplify the Writing Experience.

Minneapolis, MN – Everyone has a story to tell. However, writing a story or novel can turn out to be a daunting experience. Finding the right software to help you write is even more intimidating. StoryMill 4, from Mariner Software, introduces any level of writer to the process of effective writing. Developed to ease a person into the writing experience, StoryMill 4 is purposely designed to include all the essential writing elements, while at the same time maintaining an intuitive user interface.

Mariner listened to suggestions made by experienced and novice authors alike and updated the application to include numerous new features as well as to improve existing ones.

“There are a great many novel writing products out in the marketplace,” said Michael Wray, President of Mariner. “But the majority of them are so complicated that the writer spends more time learning the software than actually writing.”

StoryMill 4, includes the basic elements for building your novel, such as characters, locations and storylines, and offers the writer great power and flexibility in developing a story from the ground up. Story elements and characters can be captured and developed, then organized and integrated into the novel at any time. Associated with all these story elements, StoryMill provides convenient at-a-glance access to notes, pictures and links specific to each item. The result is a simple, yet powerful, tool for the writer to develop and capture a story, with the flexibility to accommodate writing styles from novice to professional.

“We took our time in developing StoryMill 4,” said Wray. “We consciously improved our product so that the writer, instead of having to learn how to navigate through a piece of software, could do what’s most important to them: to just write.”

There are several new features in StoryMill 4.0 that every writer will appreciate:

  • Snapshots: the writer can capture a snapshot of any scene or chapter in order to make changes and refer back to that snapshot at any time, comparing new and old versions
  • Novel View: a story can be viewed and printed in its entirety
  • Redesigned Timeline View: supporting timelines ranging from minutes to centuries, the new timeline view also offers powerful navigation tools for developing the flow of your story

There’s one more newly added element to StoryMill 4. “Believe it or not, a trash feature was something we got a lot of requests for. So StoryMill now offers a trash feature just like the Mac OS X Finder,” said Wray. “The writer can reorganize their project without fear of losing valuable data.”

The new version of StoryMill is available for sale and for trial as a download only from the Mariner Software web site and will remain at the current price of $49.95USD. A boxed version of StoryMill 4.0 will be available in the near future. Current registered StoryMill users can purchase the upgrade version for $24.95USD. StoryMill 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6.

About Mariner Software

Mariner Software, Inc. is a developer and republisher of industry recognized Mac OS, iOS and Windows products. Founded in 1990, Mariner has established itself as a leader in consumer, business and educational markets with such products as StoryMill, MacJournal, Mariner Write, Mariner Calc, MacGourmet Deluxe, Paperless, MacJournal for iPad and iPhone and Mariner Calc for iPad and iPhone. For a complete listing of all products, visit With customers worldwide, Mariner is committed to delivering the highest quality software, with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

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  1. With which date think of publishing the French version of StoryMill 4? I l” wait impatiently. Thank you to think of your customers of French language.

  2. Storymill software is the intuitive software with intuitive interface.It has a tool bar that provides flexibility in writing.Marine software ha really launched a good product.

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