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Minneapolis, MN – We’re not sure how Ernest Hemingway would react today. With the availability of a wide variety of creative writing software, anyone who has a story to tell, can write one. Mariner’s own popular novel writing software, StoryMill, has a numerous and impressive following of both first-time and published professional writers. Established professional writers have a number of options at their disposal to get their writings published. For the rest of the world, whose works remain unpublished, who helps them?

Mariner has teamed up with _trekden, a one-of-a-kind, online publisher, specializing in getting those unpublished stories published using mediums like Apple’s iBook Store and Amazon’s Kindle Store. Both companies share a common interest in the creative writing community. Mariner plays a role in the writing process by providing innovative software, like StoryMill, designed to inspire writers to produce their best work. Trekden represents that second step in a writer’s journey by helping them overcome the administrative and financial hurdles of publishing. Together, Mariner and _trekden, will form the complete experience for writers. When using Mariner’s StoryMill, writers will be able to bring their story from conception to completion. With _trekden, StoryMill users will have the advantage of their stories being expedited through the _trekden publishing process as premium clients.

“The partnership between Mariner Software and _trekden is important for just one reason – it creates the turnkey solution for authors to write and publish their books,” said T.K. Dennis, President of _trekden. “Becoming a published author is one of the most popular “bucket list” items throughout the world. That’s why _trekden and Mariner Software have teamed up. Our goal is to eliminate as many barriers as we can from the writing and publishing process.”

With this collaboration, StoryMill now has a new Publish feature. When the user selects Publish, they will be connected to _trekden’s full publishing services which includes general editing, cover design, ISBN assignment, and then, out to the marketplace. This new feature in StoryMill, and _trekden’s services, are completely free to the user.

“This integration of publishing through _trekden in StoryMill adds incredible value,” said Michael Wray, President of Mariner. “You’re not just buying an app that makes the writing process fun and easy, you’re also investing in a means of publishing that will make the dream of becoming a published author a reality.”

StoryMill is available as a full working demo from the Mariner Software website. Free review copies of StoryMill are available to the press.

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