Mariner and Lion


So how does Contourhead feel about the soon-to-be-released Lion? Well, the first question he has is, how many wild feline animals are left for Steve to use for names of the Mac OS? Secondly, how will Mariner’s applications stack up to being compatible with Lion? Contourhead has an inside track to certain information and knows that Mariner’s development team has been burning the midnight oil, going through each application to make certain that all can migrate to Lion and not miss a beat. Mariner’s got a lot of work yet to do, so Contourhead is going to be providing plenty of petroleum as well as caffeine laced products to the Mariner development team and when the job is done, there will be a full report posted here. So, make sure to check back!

2 thoughts on “Mariner and Lion

  1. Hi Andrew-
    Our development group has 100% focus on getting Paperless fixed. They haven’t let us know how close they are but I do see decent progress happening.

    Logan Ryan

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