MacJournal 6 Released

MacJournal 6MacJournal 6We’ve really done it this time!

Today is a special day for Contourhead and Mariner and we’re going to toot our own horn. We’re gonna roll out the red carpet. We’re patting ourselves on the back.

I’m sure there are some more cliches out there, I just can’t think of anymore as large portions of my head are missing.

What’s that? You want to know what in the world I’m yammering on about? Mariner has released MacJournal 6.0 – and that’s pretty big news.

MacJournal 6Our development team, which consists of hard-working worker bees and a tattooed queen bee, who is equally hard-working although at times, completely annoying, have labored endlessly in creating a journaling and blogging app that is simply amazing.

MacJournal 6 has been completely redesigned for Lion and you’re going to love it. It’s got this Timeline mode that lets you see your writing in chronological order; it’s got this Inspector that’s expanded so you can add even more stuff; it supports more blogging sites – Posterous and Tumblr, and you can use Imgur and Dropbox with it too. In fact, it’s got so much new stuff, we gave it its own page on our website.

MacJournal 6Yep, we’ve totally amazed ourselves.

We think you’re going to be amazed too. In fact, if you’ve been putting off starting a journal, well, now, come on! Give MacJournal 6 a try – you can download a free trial

Heck, why not just buy the darn thing!

8 thoughts on “MacJournal 6 Released

  1. When will you be updating Mariner write? The new page is very annoying when it come up under the toolbar. And also when you try to “hide” it the pages won’t hide.

    It’s time to fix thes bugs!

    Thanks You,


  2. Just wanted to say I have been an avid user and devoted customer to MacJournal for many, many years. Even with their new version 6 – I think some of the latest features are very “cool” and would probably be fun to play with. However, I must regrettably add that I simply cannot continue to use this product in light of their inexplicable decision to release yet another non-cloud version. First, it makes the product virtually useless to me at this point, and second it illustrates just how far behind the curve the company is. I use Evernote now for exactly the same reason I formally used MacJournal, and being able to pop into my journals from any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC tablet, etc., is priceless. MacJournal you are really, really dragging up the rear and I hope you guys get with the program soon or trust me, you will lose many, many more better informed customers.

    1. Hi Macjournal 5 user –

      Happy new year to you as well! The Mac App Store version of MacJournal 6 should be submitted this month. Then it will be up to Apple’s review process as to how soon it will be available.

      Thank you for your question!

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