MacJournal 6 Coming Soon

MacJournal 6: Coming Soon

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  1. Icon is nice and very interested in new features.

    Unfortunately at company I have to use windows. Means, I can’t use my beloved infrastructure of macjournal and iOS. So I made some experiences with demo version of win journal. Ok, it’s early version and still needs some improvements, but not bad. BUT Unfortunately it doesn’t sync to macjournal or / and iOS devices. Is the something in the plan?

    1. Hey Christian –

      Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, there aren’t plans in the near future for direct syncing between MacJournal and WinJournal. But with the introduction of iCloud, that might bring some solutions to the table.

  2. At a large size the logo is snazzy.

    At icon size, e.g. . in the Dock, the icon is not identifiable.

    I suggest that you simplify, or create a alternates based on size usage or stick with the current icon.

    In particular, the drawer is far too close to the journal itself. This removes the identity of a journal in general

    Secondly, even though I like the green color, this would be a primary branding shift from MacJournal. So upon seeing it I would take it to be a completely different product—which it will not be (or will it?)

    Thirdly, the embossed “M” is totally lost at Icon size. This further clutters the Brand.


    1. Hi Alan!

      Thanks for the comments. We put a lot of hard work into the new MacJournal 6 icon. We intend to have various sizes of the new icon being used so that it is easily identifiable in smaller sizes including the dock, Launchpad, etc.

      After running this icon through various test groups at various sizes, we’ve determined the drawer and journal are at a good distance. Although, this is very subjective and we really do appreciate the feedback.

      We like the green color too, and we also like the blue brand of the former MacJournal 5 icon. But with this significant upgrade we want to have a significant differentiation between versions not just with shape, but also size and color.

      The embossed M will be modified at various icon sizes. Our designers will be sticking with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and modifying the icon each step down in size. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as just scaling down.

      Thank you for your feedback Alan!

  3. Will it take advantage of the new features in Lion such as fullscreen, autosave, resume, and iCloud? When is the expected release date: early/late Fall, early/late Winter? Will it available in Apple’s AppStore?

    1. Hey Tim –

      MacJournal 6 will definitely be taking advantages of Lion’s new features. We expect a release date around Q4 and it will be available for purchase on our website and most likely the Mac App Store.

  4. I just purchased the Mac Journal 5 today. I gave it the 15 day test and it has worked well. Will I be allowed a discount when the upgrade comes out?

    Another question can I use the journal on both a home and a travel computer? Will one sync the other computer up? Thanks, Coy

  5. I am really pleased to see that MacJournal is now available in the Mac App Store – I’ve been waiting for that!

    But I also see that a new version is coming soon which looks like it will be a paid upgrade. So what will happen with the App Store version? Will there be a new paid version or will it be a free upgrade if I purchase now?

    1. Hi Helen –

      Thank you for your comments! We are pleased that it is in the Mac App Store too!

      The app store version of MacJournal will be a free upgrade to version 6 if you purchase version 5 in the Mac App Store.


  6. Will the new mac journal have features that allow you to save your settings i.e. picture size, drop shadows, fonts, watermarks, save in draft? I’m looking for something that works like Live Writer but for a mac.

    1. Hi Denise – great question.

      Currently, you have the capability to do some of those things through the inspector. You can even set fonts in the template editor.

      For watermarks, you can use a background picture (set in the inspector).

      For more details about new features, I encourage you to start a discussion on our community forums here:

      There, you will be able to interact with developers and support staff and learn more about the upcoming MacJournal 6.

      Thanks for your comments!

  7. looking forward to it – I enjoy using the versions for iPad, iPhone, Mac to synch notes, write mobile blog entries and such.

    Question – will the new iPad version allow for photos to be placed in notes and synched to blogs?

  8. I currently have MacJournal 5 on Leopard, and for various reasons I may decide not to upgrade the OS to Lion. Will MacJournal 6 work on Leopard?

    And has a price been set for the MacJournal upgrade for existing users of version 5?

        1. If you purchase MacJournal 5 up to 90 days before the release of MacJournal 6, you qualify for a free upgrade to MacJournal 6.

          MacJournal 6 will be released within 90 days, so if you purchase MacJournal 5 today you will qualify for a free upgrade to MacJournal 6.

  9. I’m a existing MacJournal 5.2.8 client that has been running it for four years after moving from the old Journler which a few of you might remember.

    My question is will the upgrade price be more than the price of what your offering new time buyers in your present promo. If this is the case then I might upgrade now and not wait till you set the price, but believe that long time supporters of Mac Journal should get a better deal on the upgrade.

    Hopefully your new version will include a way that it will be able to connect to other social media sites such as Facebook where I can use it on Groups.

    1. Hi Ian –

      The upgrade to MacJournal 6 for MacJournal 5 users will be priced at $19.95.
      Unfortunately we do not have social media integration on tap for MJ6 however
      I have heard the topic come up for a future release.

  10. Will MacJournal 6 have the functionality to add images to blog entries so that the images are uploaded when the entry is sent to one’s blog? Can blog entries be edited from within MacJournal 6?

  11. Booo!

    When I click the link I get a 404 error. When I’m in Mac J 5 & I select Check Upgrade, it says I’ve got the latest upgrade.

    Where’s the link to the v.6 upgrade?

          1. What are you guys talking about? I got an email offering v.6 to all v.5 holders, saying: “*Don’t wait too long, this offer expires midnight central on Sunday, October 1, 2011.”

            That’s tomorrow, no?

          2. Hi woodrackets –

            I believe you are referring to an e-mail promotion for a discount on MacJournal 5 that expires on Sunday. The promotion for the discount expires after Sunday.

            But you still qualify for a free upgrade to MacJournal 6 even if you purchase MacJournal 5 after Sunday.

  12. Mariner Software & the App Store: Paperless is stuck at v2.0.3 since the day it was released: is this the kind of support MAS customers should expect for MacJournal too? =:-/

    1. pl_svn –

      Please check out this article regarding Paperless 2.0.3 and Paperless 2.0.4 in the Mac App Store.

      When MacJournal 6 is released, we will submit it to the Mac App Store quickly, but it is unpredictable how long Apple will take to review the app.

      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Bud –

      We are in development of an upcoming update for MacJournal for iPad which will hopefully be out by the end of the year.


        1. Hi Jon –

          Version 6 should sync with the iPad version of MacJournal right out of the box. That being said, after we ship MacJournal 6, we are going to be working on changes to the iOS versions of MacJournal and hopefully integrating iCloud sharing. Chances are that those updated iOS apps won’t be free upgrades, so if you purchase MacJournal for iPad currently, you may need to purchase it again when those changes are added.

          Thank you!

  13. I purchased MacJournal on July 29, 2011. So, if I understand correctly, if you release version 6 by October 29th, it’s a free upgrade for me. If you release it after, I’ll have to pay the $19.95 upgrade fee. Is that correct?

    When is it scheduled to be released and will the $19.95 upgrade price be ongoing or is that only if you pre-order it? Not sure what to do. I’d love it if it were going to be released by the 29th! 🙂


    1. Hi Trudy,

      If you purchased MacJournal 5 within 90 days of the release of MacJournal 6, then the upgrade is free. We don’t have a release date yet, but we are on track for a release in the next few months.
      The upgrade price after the release of MacJournal 6 is $19.95 for MacJournal 5 users.


    1. Hi shidong –

      All MacJournal for iPhone and iPad updates up until now have been free. MacJournal for Mac is only a free upgrade if you have purchased MacJournal 5 90 days before the release of MacJournal for Mac 6. Other MacJournal for Mac 5 users will need to pay an upgrade fee to upgrade to MacJournal for Mac 6.

      Thank you!

  14. Oct 30th … Has the 6.0 been released? I’m interested the the app however will not purchase now – and then have to pay add’l $20 for the upgrade. i don’t believe we should pay for updated!

    1. Hi Dinia –

      6.0 Has not been released. We are in beta testing right now, and we are getting closer to a release.

      If you purchase MacJournal 5 within 90 days the upgrade to 6 is free. Other MacJournal 5 users only have to pay the upgrade fee to upgrade to MacJournal 6.

      Thank you for your comment!

    1. Hey Boy,
      Thanks for picking up MacJournal 5! If your original purchase date is within 90 days of our release date, then absolutely, you would qualify with a free upgrade.
      When MacJournal 6 ships, just reach out to our sales team who will be glad to assist you.

      sales [at] mariner-archive.localhost

  15. I ordered the update to MacJournal 6. I would have assumed that my credit card wouldn’t have been charged until the product was available for download. Do you have a timeline for when it might be available?

    1. Hi Mark –

      MacJournal 6 is nearing the end of beta testing. We are still a few weeks away from the final release of MacJournal 6. Stay tuned!


    1. Hi John –

      If you purchased the 6.0 upgrade through our website, you’ll be able to download MacJournal 6 from our website when we ship next week.

      If you purchased MacJournal 5 through the Mac App Store, you’ll get MacJournal 6 through the Mac App Store when Apple approves it.

      Thank you for your question!

  16. Hi, I have purchased from itunes, macjournal ver 6 for my mac book pro and macjournal for ipad. I have tried so many times to sync them but keep getting the message on my ipad
    “sync requires a Mac running Mas OS X 10.5 Leopard or better or MacJournal for iPad. The two devices must be on the same WiFi network.”
    I have OS 10.6.8 and have searched for upgrades, software updates, they are certainly both on the same wi-fi and it seems all is in order yet they just won`t sync. please help!

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