MacGourmet Deluxe 3.2.4 Released

MacGourmet Deluxe

-by Mariner Software

MacGourmet Deluxe has been updated to 3.2.4 with support for Mountain Lion!

MacGourmet Deluxe 3.2.4 includes the following changes:

  • Support for Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). Mac OS X 10.6 or later now required.
  • [Publishing] Removed support for MobileMe (which was shut down by Apple)
  • [Import/Export] Fixed a problem importing MX2 files using drag and drop
  • [Import/Export] MasterCook file import no longer throws exception on Lion when imported.
  • [Import/Export] Fixed a problem where importers were not parsing ingredient “Parts” correctly for metrics.
  • [UI] Disabled option to create a smart list from a Cupboard Find result (not supported yet).
  • [UI] Fixed issues with Clippings list and Date Last Modified, Date Created display.
  • [UI] Fixed problems with deleted equipment items still showing up in editor, and with adding new items causing everything to be unchecked.
  • [Mountain Lion] Fixed a space encoding for HTML paths that prevented Deluxe from starting up properly.
  • [Sandbox] MAS version of the application prompts for file formats before save dialog opens.
  • [Sandbox] MAS version now prompts for save location of files each time a site’s pages are generated.
  • [Mealplan] Fixed an issue where the correct week start day in the planner was being ignored.
  • [Mealplan] Minor UI enhancements.
  • [Cookbook] Fixed a problem dragging and dropping chapters where the chapters would get moved to the wrong cookbook.
  • [Cookbook] Fixed a problem that prevented dragged and dropped images for new image pages from being saved.
  • [Cookbook] Clearing Preface text should now remove Preface page from cookbook.
  • [Cookbook] Fixed a problem where renaming a new item resorted the list, but didn’t cause the displayed cookbook outline list to redraw, leading to confusion.
  • [Cookbook] Preface text should now get saved correctly.

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