iOS7: I’m not sure I’m ready for the change.


-by Mariner Teresa

The release of the new iOS is looming.

I confess that it feels like it’s a cross between the sword of Damocles and Christmas. I mean, I’m excited to see it but at the same time, dreading it.

Come on you big baby! You work for a Mac developer for cryin’ out loud.

ios7It’s the idea of having to learn something all over again. You have to understand that I come from a generation of single digit zip codes and alpha-numeric telephone numbers. I have a spot in the top drawer of my desk where I keep stamps because I write letters – on paper – with a pen – and mail them. It’s the idea that my phone is no longer just a device with which I call to talk to someone. My iPhone has become my life.

My life is about to change.

Now there’s transparency, new icons, a new color palette, the Control Hub, the App Store will be different – everything seems like it will be new. What is now familiar will all change and I will need to change with it. It’s the aspect of change that I think I’m not looking forward to. The idea of having to start all over again. I’ll have to deal with it and in the long run I guess I can be glad that I am not just standing still but can move along with everyone else. So, I will embrace the new iOS and navigate my way through it – and probably end up liking it. A lot.

But if Apple comes out with something like Google Glass – I’m outta here.

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