Happy Birthday, Mac!


-by Mariner Teresa

It’s all the news today – 30 years ago the Mac was born.

It would be fair to say that Steve Jobs had a vision. The thing is, I doubt that his vision could have taken him as far as where reality has brought us. No one is that kind of visionary. But here’s the million dollar question – who and where is the next visionary? No, not, “who is the next Steve Jobs?” We’ve had one and one is enough. I am wondering who will bring the thing that will, literally, change everyone’s life.

The Mac itself did not shake the universe. It was the thinking that came with it and built on it and built around it. I will confess that I am not so in tune with the world of technology that I can predict the next great visionary. I hope he or she is out there.

Maybe instead of Warren Buffett offering $1B to the perfect March Madness bracket, it’s offered to the next person who in 30 years, we’ll be celebrating their vision that changed the world.

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