Gift Wrapping 2013


-by Mariner Teresa

The flurry of holidays and celebrations signal the end of another year. If you're like me, you'll look back at 2012 with mixed emotions. A lot of good and exciting combined with significant, life-altering events. Mariner has been right there, experiencing it all.

As we reflect, as a company and as individual employees, we're going to walk away from 2012 with optimism toward 2013. Can we say this because we are prescient? Not at all. We can say this because, here at Mariner, we are a grounded group, and at the risk of being banal, we care about each other.

We hope that you will look forward to the new year with hopefulness, in spite of what's going on in the world. If you can't seem to embrace our good cheer, come on in, pull up a chair, relax and we'll get you perked up in no time.

We are kicking off our annual eStore markdown by giving away an iPad Mini. You can learn more about it here: iPad Mini Giveaway

Have a safe holiday

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