Get Your Slovak On


-by Mariner Teresa

I am Slovak.

Actually, half Slovak from my Dad's side, German from my Mom's side. You are most likely saying to yourself, "and, like, so what?" The "so what" is that, well, I love to eat. I also love to cook and bake, and as such, over these next two months – I'm getting my Slovak on. I am going through all my Slovak recipes for Poppyseed and Nut roll (I make a killer dough), Bolbaky, and the various cookies stuffed with nut and fruit fillings. All precious recipes given to me from my Dad's mom and his aunts – women who came to the US from Czechoslovakia as children. They are long gone, but when this time of year rolls around, they come alive as I put together my baking plans.

I also use a lot of recipe sites. Cooks Illustrated is my "go to" site, followed by From those sites I gather the more contemporary recipes which very often are remakes of stuff my grandma made.

Thank goodness for MacGourmet Deluxe. Seriously. Adding those recipes to my collection is way less painful – and much, much faster. Sure, there is a bit of labor involved assigning the categories, cleaning up the formats, etc., but still much better than having to keystroke everything.

For the most part, I can use the Import feature. On occasion, I do run into a web site where the Import feature won't work. Very often those are sites where the recipe is an article based one. I have found that recipes that are part of a story or an article can't be added to MacGourmet Deluxe using Import Recipe feature. Thankfully there is the clipping feature. I just select the text of the recipe, select Clip Recipe and bam! (sorry, Emeril) it's in MacGourmet Deluxe.

Here's a discovery I'll share. Sometimes I'll find a site that has a recipe that I can see is not part of a story or article. I'll highlight the url to use the Import feature, but MacGourmet Deluxe will show me this:


So, me being me, (I don't think being Slovak is a factor) I'll click on 'Open Anyway' and, again, bam! Very often that recipe will import just fine.

MacGourmet Deluxe is definitely not "old country" but I like that I can preserve the old country in it. I am also grateful that I can add other recipes from so many sources.

If you have similar experiences or "old country" holiday recipes you can share, I'd love to hear from you! Otherwise, prajem dobrý deň!

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