Contourhead’s Tip: WiFi Diagnostic Tool in Lion

Apple always hides tools throughout the Mac OS environment that proves to be useful in certain situations. If you are a Lion user, and need to run diagnostics on your WiFi network to help identify problems, then Apple has provided a nice tool just for you.

This requires venturing into an advanced area of your system, so please do so at your own risk. And this does require Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). Navigate to System > Library > CoreServices > Wi-Fi

This nifty tools allows you to quickly identify any problems with your network, create logs, and monitor signal to noise ratio.

Wifi Diagnostics Tool

According to Apple’s “Learn More” in the Wi-Fi Diagnostics App:

Use Wi-Fi Diagnostics to diagnose your wireless network, record network events, capture network traffic, and enable debug logs. Wi-Fi Diagnostics produces a report that can be sent to Apple for analysis.

Monitor performance displays a graph of network signal strength, noise level, transmit power, and data rate.

Record events detects and reports dropped network connections, roaming, and other network events, such as connecting to or disconnecting from a network or network device.

Capture raw frames captures all network traffic on the Wi-Fi interface.

Turn on Debug Logs provides specific details of every wireless connection.

Select what you’d like to investigate, click Continue to continue. When you finish using Wi-Fi Diagnostics, click Report to submit the diagnostic data to Apple for analysis.

Wifi Diagnostics Tool

Have fun running diagnostics!

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