Contourhead stays organized with Paperless

Contourhead healthIt might appear that Contourhead is the picture of health. Afterall, there’s lots of places for airflow and blowing out any bacteria that might be lurking. But on occasion, a trip to the local urgent care center is needed because Contourhead’s done something stupid like, slip and fall and ends up needing stitches. Aside from the pain from the injury, there is the pain of paperwork – the receipts and documents from the local urgent care facility.

Now, Contourhead has pretty decent medical insurance which includes a Flexible Savings Account. But the need to keep track of those expenses and to keep the FSA guys and the government happy is pretty important.

So how does Contourhead alleviate the pain and agony of handling an FSA receipts and making sure the expense is properly documented?

By using Paperless of course!

You had to have known that was coming! While Countourhead might be in pain from a fall, keeping track of the expense and then documenting it is not a pain. Simply by scanning the receipt from the urgent care facility into Paperless using the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300, the receipt is then placed into a Smart Collection. Even better, that same receipt can be emailed to the FSA dudes and everyone is happy. FSA folks have what they need, the federal government gets what they need and the only thing left for Contourhead is to have the stitches removed.

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