Contourhead is Curious

Contourhead is curious. After you scan your paper and make a digital document with Paperless and then shred the paper (you are shredding it, aren’t you?) what can you do with a bunch of shredded paper? You should be taking it to your local recycling center. But Contourhead thinks you could do other stuff with it as well.

For instance, you could:

Make a Piñata:

Contourhead Pinata

Or use it to start a fire for BBQ chicken:

Contourhead Chimney Starter


Or make your own mattress:

Contourhead Mattress

Or, if you have a garden like Contourhead does, you need to make a scarecrow, to keep critters out of it:

Contourhead Scarecrow


Perhaps you have your own suggestions of what to do with all that shredded paper? Contourhead would love to hear about them. He’s also thinking that he would give away a lifetime upgrade of Paperless to the idea that gets the most “Likes.”

Just post your idea here on our blog. Starting today, Monday, July 18 until Thursday, July 21, 10AM CST, get your friends and family to reply to your idea with the word, “Like”. The idea with the most replies of “Like” by July 21, 10AM CST, will be declared our winner!

6 thoughts on “Contourhead is Curious

  1. Place (stripped) politicians in a wind chamber with the shredded remains of every deliberately false and misleading public statement a politician has made, and every bill voted on to further their own career (rather than for the good of their country and constituents), in order to “re-educate” them on the value of honor and honesty in a public servant. For the hard cases, periodically spraying down the hundreds of tiny paper cuts with a mist of lemon juice should do the trick.

  2. Fill used plastic grocery bags with shredded paper and use as packing material instead of foam peanuts.

    Use as mulch in garden.

    Use in school’s CSI course….the students try to reassemble the shredded receipts.

  3. Distribute them in a special Desktop Poet’s Boxed Edition, as a complimentary game to have fun with children in rainy days. 🙂

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