Contourhead in Duluth


-by Contourhead

Ever since Mariner took the shackles off my ankles, I’ve been free as a bird to do whatever I’ve wanted. So, I’ve been traveling around the great state of Minnesota, exploring, learning and engaging in all sorts of activities.

Speaking of birds…

Sporting binoculars and spotting scopes, I’ve traveled to Duluth. Why, Duluth? I am part of a number of people watching members of the raptor family. No, these are not Jurassic Park raptors. These are a pair of peregrine falcons who have taken residence on a building in downtown Duluth.

Falcons are hunters, going after small prey and insects. (tip: never let your kittens stay outside if you see falcon’s around the area) They have vision that would put Superman to shame and they soar through the skies with grace and speed. Their call is like an alarm, sounding like a harsh, “kak-kak-kak” note – which generally occurs when they’re defending a nest. So, if you’re watching a peregrine falcon and you hear that sound, you’d better run for cover.

I’ll be spending some time here in Duluth and just might make a few friends at the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. In the meantime, I’ll be watching overhead – I can’t afford to lose any more off the top.

For some real fun, check out the FalconCam to watch these great looking, although scary, birds:

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