Contourhead has been channeling Jennifer Hudson

Food ScaleNo, I have no plans of trying out for American Idol. I’ve been on a diet. The holidays really did me in and I packed on the pounds. Don’t let the vacant areas of my head fool you – I am part of the vast majority of Americans who are overweight and I am not proud of it.

I am now eating points.

Food ScaleNow, you would think that points are not as tasty but, in reality, they are. The variety of points available is actually quite amazing. Even better, I can add the recipes attached to these points very easily into MacGourmet Deluxe. Nothing special is required. Just find the recipe you want, highlight the url in your browser, select Services from your browser menu and then you can choose, Import Recipe from web page or Clip Recipe.

If you get some stupid message that reads: “MacGourmet can only import recipes automatically from the websites in the following list:” , just give it a swift kick and select, “Open anyway.”

Chances are that the recipe will import just fine. Or you can select the entire recipe and use the Clip Recipe feature. Either way, you can add recipes quickly and easily.

And yes, this is a plug for MacGourmet Deluxe that just happens to be 40% off. Use coupon code MGD212 when you check out to get the discount. Visit our eStore to buy MacGourmet Deluxe.

Doesn’t that taste good?

Food Scale

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