Category: Press Release

  • Mariner Software Announces Acquisition and Major Updates to Popular Recipe Management Software

    Minneapolis, MN – Mariner Software has acquired the popular applications MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and MacGourmet Touch from Advenio, Inc. With this acquisition, Mariner is releasing a 4.0 version of MacGourmet Deluxe and MacGourmet. Additionally, MacGourmet Touch for iOS has been re-released as Gourmet iOS, which functions as a standalone or as a companion app, adding […]

  • Calc XLS 4.0 from Mariner Software: Powerful Mobile Spreadsheet for iOS now in App Store

    Minneapolis, MN – Almost a quarter century ago, Mariner jumped into Mac software development with a spreadsheet product that gave Mac users an alternative to Microsoft office tools. In March of 2009, Mariner introduced Mariner Calc for iOS, becoming one of the first to offer a spreadsheet app to iPhone users and was quickly followed […]

  • Mariner Releases Persona 1.0 for Windows

    The popular Mac app dedicated to developing the characters of a story now has a Windows version. Built around the psychological profile of 32 archetypes, Persona for Windows reveals a character’s behavior, motivation, and potential dialogue. Minneapolis, MN – Mariner Software, developers of award-winning Mac and Windows software products, has released Persona 1.0 for Windows—a […]

  • Mariner Software Expands its Distribution Reach with The Douglas Stewart Company

    Mariner Software, publisher of niche writing and Mac OS products appoints The Douglas Stewart Company as their distributor for supplying its multi-user solutions to North America.  Minneapolis, MN (December 20, 2012) –Mariner Software, a developer of writing, Mac OS, iOS and Windows solutions for the consumer and K-12 and Higher Education markets, announced today a […]

  • Persona: When Having Multiple Personalities is a Good Thing

    Minneapolis, MN – There are many products on the market to help everyone who writes – software to help create story outlines, format screenplays, check the number of clichés used, collect research, correct spelling – the list goes on. However, if a writer wants to be proactive and deliberate in creating a strong and believable […]

  • 2.0: Where everybody knows your name and your story

    Minneapolis, MN – In 2009, Mariner Software launched, an online community forum for writers of all types and all levels. From the beginning, the idea was to provide writers – novelists, screenwriters, short story, technical or casual writers – with a venue to publicly share their work. has also been a place where […]

  • Mariner Software Celebrates 22 Year Anniversary

    Minneapolis, MN – In 1990, the spreadsheet application and subsequent namesake – Mariner – was released in the U.S. for Mac OS 6. Fast forward to 2012 and, rare amongst software companies, Mariner Software is celebrating 22 years in business. Mariner has continually developed and republished award-winning software for the Mac, Windows and iOS. The […]

  • Mariner Software Grants Exclusive UK Publishing Rights to BinaryDistribution for Windows OS Titles

    Minneapolis, MN – BinaryDistribution, a software publishing and distribution house based in the UK, has concluded a partnership agreement with Mariner Software to be their exclusive UK retail publisher for WinJournal, Paperless, Desktop Poet and Contour – all for Windows. Working with Mariner, BinaryDistribution will represent and enhance the Mariner brand by working to develop […]

  • Mariner Releases MacJournal 6.0

    Minneapolis, MN – Journaling software has become a rich medium where personal experiences and events can be documented using not only text but images, audio, and video elements. In addition, journal entries often become the material for blog posts, and what was once the private experience of journal keeping, can now be shared with an […]

  • Mariner forms partnership with _trekden

    Minneapolis, MN – We’re not sure how Ernest Hemingway would react today. With the availability of a wide variety of creative writing software, anyone who has a story to tell, can write one. Mariner’s own popular novel writing software, StoryMill, has a numerous and impressive following of both first-time and published professional writers. Established professional […]