Butterstick squash

Contourhead SquashYou may not know this, but Contourhead is an avid gardener. Vegetable garden, that is. When spring comes and I look out over that naked spot of earth, I start plotting out where the tomato plants will go, where to put the beans and so forth. And every year I vow to only put in just one Butterstick squash plant and every year I plant like 5 or 6 and every year, at the end of the season, I am buried up to my empty blue head with squash. All sizes too. You know what I mean. Leave a squash on the vine too long and pretty soon you have one the size of Babe the Blue Ox.

What to do with all that squash? Well, aside from squash throwing contests, squash smashing contests and other squash abuse, garden fresh squash makes a great meal.

Here is a Contourhead original recipe using Butterstick squash (zucchini works or any other squash substitute) and, you guessed it, chicken. Enjoy!

(1) large Butterstick squash, cubed
Olive oil
garlic cloves – I use 2-3 – minced
a large sweet onion – chopped
boneless chicken – cut into bite-sized pieces
Romano cheese
Capellini pasta
salt and pepper
Dried oregano

Brown the chicken in the olive oil, adding salt and pepper to taste and some of the minced garlic. Set aside. (Add the garlic at the end or else it will burn).

Start with a new pan and add olive oil and saute together the onion and squash. In the meantime, cook the pasta and set it aside.

Once the squash and onion is done, add in the rest of the garlic, the chicken (and any juices left over from the chicken as it rested), add in the oregano (to taste), toss in the pasta and add the Romano cheese. Adjust the seasonings as desired.

And there you have it. You’ve used up one squash, now, you’ve only got 650 more to go!

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