Billiards anyone?

EightballWeek two of the NaNoWriMo challenge is almost over and I have to confess, I have not done very much writing. I read somewhere that it would be beneficial to spend some time and create an outline first. So, not being a novel writer, but someone who loves to outline, this suggestion had great appeal.

I’m not so sure that was such a great idea.

I’m sort of behind the eight-ball. Honestly, I didn’t know how to start this novel. I’m a pretty creative person, but as a visual artist – drawing, painting – not with words so much. I was stuck on how to come up with a character that does something that someone wants to read about. That being said, organizing my thoughts has not been a complete waste of time.

This is where my blog post will sound like I’m selling a Mariner product.

I used Contour to create my outline. It helped me to zero in on my main character, who happens to be a woman who becomes obsessive over a ridiculous thing because she is overreacting to not having control over an aspect of her life. Using Contour gave me substance to my idea as well as a bit of order.

Woman, obsessive, not having control, overreacting. Sigh, I think I’m writing about myself. (shut up, Contourhead.)

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