Mariner Software – an interesting name for a software company. The name Mariner, like the first software products, was the founder’s idea, influenced by the fact that as a young man, he and his father built boats and computers together in their garage. No less influential is that his dad worked on navigation computers for almost all the early rockets and satellites for NASA which included the Mariner Space Program (can you see the rocket in the Mariner logo?).

Now you can understand why Mariner Software loves to explore.

Like a lot of companies, Mariner Software started small, very small, with just two niche products. And just like other start-ups, it was the work of one person – but if Mariner was going to go anywhere – one person wasn’t enough. In late 2001, the work began to give Mariner a recognizable identity and in mid 2002, with business model in hand, the new Mariner Software was born.

Seeing a gap in the creative writing market, Mariner purposely took the bold step to develop creative writing products and at the same time sought to acquire or republish existing ones. By developing such products, Mariner’s aim was to challenge industry leaders. In acquiring or republishing existing apps, the goal was to provide new technology and an intuitive user interface, as well as the Mariner brand. Since 2004, Mariner has acquired or republished 9 different writing applications for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Mariner’s leadership as a developer has not been limited to the creative writing market but has found success in the home and office markets as well. In 2008, Mariner entered into an agreement to republish MacGourmet Deluxe, the award-winning recipe building software. In 2009, ReceiptWallet was acquired and the product rebranded as Paperless, quickly becoming one of the most popular titles in the Mariner product line. In 2010, Mariner acquired Narrator from Dejal Systems, adding one of the most popular text-to-speech applications on the Macintosh OS X platform. In 2013, Mariner acquired the assets to Advenio, Inc which consisted of MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and Gourmet Mobile for iOS (formerly MacGourmet Touch).

With the introduction of Apple’s App Store in 2008, Mariner began writing mobile versions of MacJournal, Gourmet Mobile, Calc XLS, and Contour. Mariner Software is committed to the iOS platform and continues to develop some of the existing line in the future.

In late 2018, Mariner released a major upgrade to one of its flagship products, Paperless 3 for Mac. In the fall of 2019, Paperless 3 for Windows was released.

Headquartered in in Punta Gorda, Florida, Mariner Software will celebrate 31 years of business in 2021.