Announces Unique Opportunity for Screenwriters

Press Release – New York, New York – April 10, 2018

Brian O’Connor, Founder and CEO of, a division of PGE, today announced a unique opportunity for screenwriters using Mariner Software. Screenwriters using the Mariner Software who have a completed or nearly completed video shows, webisodes or movies can submit a link of their original work for consideration for original songs to be created and distributed based on the selected projects in these specific genres; action, comedy, crime, drama and romance.

The songs will be written, recorded, produced and distributed through the worldwide distribution networks of PGE and Screenwriters have the possibility of a hit song in circulation before their project hits big. To highlight this amazing promotional venue for Mariner Software Screenwriters, Brian has agreed to absorb all up-front costs for his services to the first few Screenwriters selected.

Brian owns and operates a Billboard Charting Entertainment Company and is a Sponsored Screenwriter of Mariner Software, a Sponsored Cinematographer, an Internationally-Sponsored Video Editor / Producer and an Internationally-Sponsored Music Producer who has produced and appeared on songs with Multi-Platinum and #1 Billboard Charting Artists. Brian is offering to create original music based on their project, including a music video edited by Brian as well.

The original theme song that will be written and recorded based on the screenplays are an exceptional marketing tool for writers as they take their project to the marketplace.
Based on the database and reach of the Screenwriters, they can also benefit with a share of the revenue stream created by Brian has received BMI royalties from one of his songs a Movie in South Africa and a TV Show in Poland.

Brian is currently accepting submissions from registered Mariner Software. Contact Brian at now.

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