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We understand the needs of every writer who uses a Mac. There’s research, outlines, story development, and character development. Then there’s time – not everything happens all at once for everyone. Is it a novel or a screenplay? That’s a lot to consider and we know that there is no one product that can meet every need.

We made these Mac bundles for you.

Four of them. All affordable and unique to your craft. If you are a writer and need the tools to take your writing to the next level, look no further.

1.) Story and Character Development Bundle.

The story writers ultimate combo. Persona, our character development app for Mac and Win, will help you craft your characters and Contour, our story development app for Mac and Win, will guide you through developing your story. How can Persona and Contour help YOU with YOUR story and characters?

-Focus on the most basic questions of your story such as, who is your main character and what are they trying to accomplish?

-Know what happens if your main character fails, and, who is trying to stop them

-Understand how the different personalities of your characters interact with each other

-Be guided along with the many included examples of blockbuster movies outlined using the Contour system, and with Persona’s detailed descriptions of the psychological profiles for 16 male and 16 female personalities

With the Story and Character Development Bundle, you can be assured your bases are covered when it comes to creating the best characters and story possible.


2.) The Screenwriter’s Bundle.

It’s a powerhouse of writing products just for you: Contour – so you can create an outline and stay focused. Then there is Persona that will help you develop your hero or heroine; villain or villainess. Finally, there is Montage which will automatically format your script so that it will get noticed. If screenwriting is your passion, the Screenwriter’s Bundle will help you on your way to writing your blockbuster. Since Montage is a Mac-only app, this is a Mac-only bundle.


3.) The Novel Writer’s Bundle.

This bundle contains Contour as well because the need for a story outline no less important. We’ve included Persona because you have your good guys and bad guys too, only they have more room to be complicated. Finally, there’s StoryMill, a place where you can pour your heart out into the scenes and chapters of all your characters. Novel writing can be challenging enough, get help constructing the best story you can possibly write by picking up the Novel Writer’s Bundle. Since StoryMill is a Mac-only app, this is a Mac-only bundle.


4.) The Mariner Writer’s Suite.

Screenwriter and novel writer? The Mariner Writer’s Suite contains the products needed for your outline with Contour; your characters with Persona; Montage to format your script; StoryMill to write your novel, and a few of our most popular products: MacJournal for your own private thoughts; and Mariner Write when you simply need a good word processor. Seven great products at one greatly reduced price.


Ready to write?

Visit our eStore by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below where you can buy a single-user license of the Story and Character Development Bundle for $69.95 (for Mac or Win), the Novel Writer’s or Screenwriter’s Bundle for $99.95 (for Mac) or the Mariner Writer’s Suite for $199.95 (for Mac). If you need a multi-user license, buy the 5-user, family pack.

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