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Paperless What’s New

Paperless 3 for Mac Top 10 New Features (Paperless 3 for Win will be available in 2019)

  1. Improved OCR and Autofill functionality based on massive amounts of testing.
  2. Added Simple Reports feature displays a text report for the receipts in the main window and allows you to print the reports and the receipt images.
  3. Improved Reports functionality – more accurate recording.
  4. Dropbox support moves the Library into the Dropbox folder for you to manage.
  5. Revamped User Interface – new icons, slightly different layout – all to make you more productive.
  6. Support for Mojave Dark Mode – try it – looks awesome!
  7. Added New Database fields for better management of your data.
  8. New and Improved file saving-quicker,easier, safer.
  9. Added Watch Folder feature allows you to direct the contents of the watch folder to go into a specific Library.
  10. ScanSnap Home software support for ScanSnap scanners.
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System Requirements: Mac: Requires macOS 10.11 or higher. Windows: Requires Windows 8 or higher.


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