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Paperless What’s New

Paperless 2 Top 10 new features

  1. Keep all your files organized with merged receipt & document libraries
  2. Track your own custom document like Bills, Warranties, Investments, Medical, Financial, etc.
  3. Add your own custom fields (text, currency, number, decimal, date, or checkbox)
  4. Store most any type of document (pdf, web archives, emails, word, excel, RTF, JPEG, TIFF, and many more!)
  5. Search and find documents easily with full OCR of English documents
  6. Create expense, table, pie, or contact reports of any collection
  7. Find items easier with Tags and use Tags palette to quickly classify items
  8. Use your existing or new scanner with support for more scanners through Apple’s ImageKit
  9. Ease data entry with automatic matching of thousands of popular USA merchants
  10. Enjoy a more modern and efficient user interface



UI / Workflow


Image editing tools



Misc Stuff


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System Requirements: Mac: Requires macOS 10.11 or higher. Windows: Requires Windows 8 or higher.


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