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What is Montage?

When you watch a TV show, a film or a play, it’s hard to see the structure that goes into each one. But it’s there. And, it’s pretty specific. It’s one thing having the idea – it’s something else getting that idea into the format needed to get noticed.

That’s where Montage comes in.

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Screenwriting – art with words

Screenwriting is a creative process but it’s not a free-for-all. It requires a specific type of formatting – from typestyle to line spacing and indentations. You can have a blockbuster idea but without the proper screenwriting format, it won’t get read. Montage, a screenwriting product developed exclusively for the Mac, contains everything you’ll need to create the right format so that your script won’t be another addition to the circular file.

It’s very useful and easy to use.
by VCCR2010

The graphic novel I wrote using Montage just hit bookstores worldwide this week. It’s called SWEETS: A New Orleans Crime Story. Reviews are fantastic and so far sales are strong. The book even won a Spinetingler Award!
Kody Chamberlain

“The main advantage I see of using Montage over other software packages I’ve looked at is its simplicity and ease of use, focused on the writer. It opens quickly, has an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, and at the same time has nearly all the features you’d actually need or use from more complicated and expensive programs.”
N. Andreson
a Montage user

Puts Final Draft to shame. “Sure Final Draft is the _industry standard_ but why spend hundreds when Montage does the trick? I can export my work to Final Draft in the end anyway.”
Kevin Curran
a Montage user


Have Final Draft, will travel.

Let’s face it, Final Draft screenwriting software has been the industry leader for many years. For some users, a transition to a new screenwriting tool would be both challenging and intimidating.

Montage includes a built-in Final Draft importer which allows you to drag and drop your Final Draft documents (fdr format only) right on Montage and have them open in the Montage format.

What’s that? You say you have a writing partner who needs to work in Final Draft (for some bizarre reason!)…we can help there too. Have the ease of creating your work in Montage’s intuitive and elegant interface AND the convenience of saving your Montage script as a Final Draft file format (.fdr).

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We’ll do all the heavy-lifting

Montage is designed to automatically structure your writing – you don’t have to worry about learning a complicated process. We’ve even included templates for almost every genre: TV, film, theatre, musical, comic book and more – just take your pick and Montage will do the rest.

View your script from every angle

Looking at your work from different perspectives, like any other type of art, is a good thing. Montage provides multiple views such as the Script View, so you can see what you’re writing page by page. The Outline View lays out your script scene by scene and allows you to organize your script and even set its status.

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Don’t let yourself be distracted

A Full Screen Mode is a feature to keep you free from background images, e-mail and all the other stuff on your computer’s desktop. A clutter free desk will set the stage for focused writing and productivity.

Now you’re ready!

Writing a query, constructing a synopsis and sending your script, Montage assists with that too so you’re not left with a nicely formatted screenplay but nothing else. With the hundreds of included industry contacts through the integration with Apple’s Address Book – all you’ll need is determination.

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