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Gourmet for iOS

What is Gourmet for iOS?

Unlike other apps that are either food magazine subscriptions or created to support a food website, Gourmet for iOS is your MacGourmet Deluxe 4.0* gone mobile. At the store and forgot what ingredients to buy for dinner? No problem. Access your synced recipes, lists, and notes all from your iOS device!


A symbiotic relationship.

Gourmet for iOS gives you full, two-way and incremental syncing. When you sign up for your free account on Mariner Cloud, you will be able to add recipes to the desktop version and sync them to your iOS device – and vice versa. Whether it is a major recipe rewrite or a simple one-line edit to an ingredient, note, or list on your iOS device, only what changes will be synced. If you own an iPad and an iPhone or iPod, you won’t need to buy a different app for each device. With its universal support, Gourmet for iOS will function the same on all your iOS devices.


What about all the other stuff?

You’re out shopping using the shopping list generated from the Mealplan – a dinner for 4 – you get the phone call. Instead of 4, there’s now 6! Don’t panic, Gourmet for iOS supports scaling so you’ll know how much more to buy. The best part is that you can reset the recipe so it will display the original number of ingredients. If you need to edit your recipe, you can do that too – from changing an image to creating a category. If you’re one who likes to follow a recipe from your iPad, you’ll appreciate having a Chef’s View so you can work undistracted. Gourmet for iOS is simply MacGourmet Deluxe in your back pocket as well as on your Mac.

“I have been a MacGourmet user since the “beginning of time.” Each time a new version was available by Advenio, I purchased it. Mariner Software bought the program recently, and updated the program to MacGourmet Deluxe 4. After researching it myself and with Mariner Customer Support, I decided to upgrade my program. I was hesitant to purchase Gourmet for iOS since there seemed to be issues with it, but as a professional chef, I needed it on all my devices, iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Downloading on my Mac computer was a breeze. Downloading my 3,000++ recipes to the MacGourmet Cloud took quite some time, but now that they are there, I LOVE THIS APP. It has so many more features than the app I was previously using and is so simple to use. If you are in the market for a “recipe” program, THIS IS IT!”

by Epicurean Odyssey

A MUST for any iOS kitchen!
“I have been using the Mac desktop version for years and also used the first version of “MacGourmet” for iOS (which was clunky as far as syncing goes) but Gourmet finally hits a home run! It runs great with the Mac desktop version (syncing) and I have had no issues syncing between the household iPads and iPhones. For me the clincher is the ease with which I can add recipes I find on the internet…easy peasy. Truly a great app that our kitchen couldn’t do without.”

by AngloQbeccer

Mighty awesome app
“We just purchased an iPad Mini Retina. Been using MacGourment for years and recently updated to the latest version. At first was hesitant to go with this Gourmet app after reading the reviews, but noting that some reviewers with the latest software reported no issues, we went for it. The report: no issues; installation was a breeze, setting up the Mariner Cloud for syncing was effortless and seeing the recipes on the iPad in large print, step by step was fantastic. I rarely write a review, but felt this was a tremendous app getting something of an ill deserved rap.”

by Hank the Cook

Excellent app, Excellent support – recommended!
“First, this app is just doing exactly what it should. I use it to synchronize with MacGourmet Deluxe on my computer. Worked EVERY time. It is NOT syncing via iCloud but has its own cloud. User interface very professional. Contacted support once to know how recipes are imported – super fast and very good support. This app integrates just perfect with the computer app. Have it on both my iPhone and iPad.”

by Copperleafguy

Love this app!
“Am using this on an iPad with iOS7 and it works great. It syncs perfectly fine with my Mac with Maverick. So far no crashes. Love the import feature, so many sites to choose from and the Chef’s view is great in the kitchen.”

by mtcar

Remember that recipe you saw on the web.

You know how it goes. You’re out and about and “bingo!” you remember a really cool recipe from your favorite food website and, boy, you’d love to have it for dinner tonight. Not a problem. Begin a search and either choose from a supplied list of sites or add your own. Find the recipe, tap Import, and there you have it. All you need to do is fill in some details and generate a shopping list so you can create it for yourself, your family or your friends.


You don’t have the Mac application?

No problem. You don’t need to have MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe to use all the features of Gourmet for iOS. Search the web for a new recipe and easily import it, then share it with a friend. Scale a recipe, add or edit notes, create a shopping list. In short, you can carry your recipe box around with you wherever you go.


Snug at home or racing around town?

Whether you own a Mac and like to hang out at home with all your gastronomically like-minded friends or one who likes to sample life’s culinary goodies, Mariner has the recipe management solution. With MacGourmet, MacGourmet Deluxe, and Gourmet for iOS, your recipes, shopping lists, notes about wine, beer**, cheese**, and your ideas about food can be as global you want to be.

*the syncing functionality in Gourmet for iOS is only compatible with MacGourmet Deluxe 4
**coming soon in Gourmet for iOS

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