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Desktop Poet

What is Desktop Poet?

Caught in a mental block? Looking to kill a few minutes, creatively? Just like those little magnetic tiles for the front of your ‘fridge from the 90′s, Desktop Poet turns your Mac or PC desktop into a “virtual fridge” area so that you can see be as expressive as you want. Lay out words (and variations of words) so you can see any potential roadblocks in your work or exercise your brain by creating imaginative prose – either way Desktop Poet can help.


Let your mind and imagination run wild!

Whether you are a poet, novelist, playwright, educator, student or a person with a little time on your hands, Desktop Poet puts hundreds of words right at your fingertips. Move them around to create poems, prose or to brainstorm. The tiles become a visual embodiment of the English language, freeing you to let your mind travel through uncharted territory.


Finally, an awesome app for your kids.

This is no “shoot-em up” game. Desktop Poet assists younger kids grasp simple word structure in a fun way. Older kids can showcase their creative flair. Whether in the classroom or at home, kids can play with words and in the process – learn.

“If you took a survey of elementary, middle and high school teachers, I would bet you a million bucks that they would agree that correct grammar is a tool that has been lost along the way. The uses of spelling and grammar are not stressed enough in our society today. Good for you, Mariner Software and thank you for Desktop Poet.”

          Jackie Wray
          Retired school teacher
          Yankton, SD

Desktop Poet is more than just a bunch of words on your desktop. I like it because I can make my own words and create a sentence that represents a reminder for the day. I can even create a date at random changing the colors of each word. Keeps me from having to go into photoshop and make a background thats static. If you can write it … It fits in a work block. Nice!!

Fun, little app! This is a great app to inspire your creativity. You can create poetry with words right on top of your screen, or you can open a background. It’s all really customizable – you can customize everything from your font and font size to your background image, opacity and more. You can really fine-tune this app to your liking. You can also manually add words to your desktop, and even import word lists.
by 46782893kfa

Ersetzt nicht den Kühlschrank, aber… wer bei dem Preis nicht zulangt, holt es sich nie. Sehr schön umgesetzte Software mit vielen Möglichkeiten der Indivuduellen Anpassung.
by Jorma Ollila

Creativity! Shows how creative you can be, also this app is really easy to use and easy to customize.
Christian Hernandez

A few minutes of use of the trial downloaded version convinced me that it was an excellent tool for learning more english by means of an unusual but astute method. After only a little hour of exercizing, nice and thoughtful sentences began to appear. So I discovered a new and fresh method of improving my english.
Eric Jautee
Desktop Poet user

But, seriously…

You can increase the available vocabulary and decrease the number of tiles. A single tile can have multiple word variations. Highlight the word, press the escape key and, for example, picture becomes: pictures, picturing, pictured (available in Desktop Poet for Mac only). Need more? Set backgrounds, colors and more, making Desktop Poet a creative wonder world.


Create anything!

Create your own word tile and add to the active word list. Choose an image from your hard drive and add to the active word list. You can even download alternative word lists from the Mariner web site!


Share your creations

Take your word tiles and export them as JPG, TIFF or HTML images and send them to your friends, family and colleagues. Even contribute your own poem for posting on our site or view other customer contributions. Forward your creations by sending a screenshot to sales@marinersoftware.com and we may post them in our gallery.

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