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Contour for iOS

What is Contour for iOS?

Daydreaming – we all do it. Sometimes the creative process starts there and grows into a really cool idea. When you’re in the zone, you want to be able to run with it. With Contour for iOS, you can stay in the zone. Designed to take your idea and turn it into a bulletproof outline, Contour for iOS is the same kind of character-based structure used by some of the biggest blockbuster movies in history.

Only now you can do it on the fly.


Minimum theory, maximum story – no matter where you are

Contour is a must-have for every screenwriter. Using a fill-in-the blanks and intuitive approach, much like a software install wizard, Contour guides you as to what elements need to be part of your story outline – effectively constructing the foundation of your screenplay.  Discover a system of breaking down ACT TWO that is so ruthlessly easy you will never get stuck on page 55 again. Craft the 4 final beats of ACT THREE that readers and audiences expect and that define your script as marketable and professional. Even flesh out a main character and codify their motivations and behaviors. In the end, you’re never left to wonder, “what comes next?”


Universally Mobile

Contour for iOS is there for you when inspiration strikes. Whether you are lounging in the park or collaborating in a coffee shop, Contour for iOS can not only help you chronicle that million dollar thought but can help you figure out the right path to take to make that story into a reality.

If you are looking to write a book or a screen play, particularly if you are starting out, this is the app for you. Painlessly it makes you write out the structure of your work and breaks down all the hurdles to the mammoth writing epic task ahead. Does the structure limit creativity? Well, a few would argue that it does, but for most writers this a great tool for asking writers the key question about your story and characters. It is not a complex app, basically you fill in boxes (that have helpful tips and examples). The challenging bit is realising your central character doesn’t have much of big battle at the end, or a person challenge to overcome.
Contour for iOS user

Awesome. Great app.
Contour for iOS user

Die App ist so genial das ich mich vom englischen Text nicht habe aufhalten lassen. Fragen zur Story führen Stück für Stück zu allem was man für einen guten Roman benötigt. Die intensive Beschäftigung mit allen Teilen der Geschichte und dessen Figuren bringt Ideen zu Tage die einfach genial sind. Und die ganze Geschichte bekommt Stück für Stück Struktur. Für mich in Verbindung mit Storyist, iThoughtsHD, PlainText und IndexCard eine geniale Kombi.
a Contour for iOS user

Absolute best of its kind. “This app is deep, inspiring, and helpful. By breaking down your screenplay plot into small and manageable chunks, Contour helps you create your masterpiece. The formula is recognizable and applicable – and you can see it happening in every film you watch. There are lots of great examples – this is more feature-loaded and insightful than any book on screenwriting that I own. It’s also better than any other outline app I’ve tried. The interface is better than anything out there (at least on iOS).”
Nathan Snelgrove
a Contour for iOS user

A-Maz-Ing! I love this app! Like seriously, I’ve been looking for something to tell me exactly what I needed to write. The syd field app was a waste cause it’s everything you can get for free. This is cheaper and better!
by Tiaracvae

It’s a secret – mobile style

Do your stories lack cohesiveness from start to finish? The major storytelling secrets needed to craft a highly marketable movie are right there on your iOS device. Your main character’s journey is explained through archetypal themes – the same kind of themes used by most of the top 50 movies that have affected millions of viewers – maybe even you!


Worried about how to start?

Don’t be. For many, it’s much easier to understand the Contour system by following the breakdown of a successful movie. Contour includes several entire scripts of blockbuster movies dissected through the Contour system. And if you need even more samples of how Contour works, follow Jeffrey Alan Schechter’s personal blog as he breaks down current screenplays in Contour.

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